Legacy Business Solutions Looks to Build on Legacy in 2019

Legacy Business Solutions' CEO detailed the firm's plans to add new talent in 2019. He also outlined his goals for expansion in the year to come and the strategies the team uses to set goals.

Around the Legacy Business Solutions office, there’s a buzz building around the firm’s growth plans for 2019. Matthew R., the company’s CEO, explained that with the anticipated expansion will come opportunities to join the team. He noted that the firm offers gratifying careers promoting clean energy, complete with merit-based advancement and hands-on training.

Explaining what he’ll be seeking in potential hires, Matthew stated, “We are looking to hire people who are determined to succeed, have strong growth mind-sets, and are super-motivated. If you’re looking for a career that offers the three P’s of success – profitability, purpose, and passion – then Legacy Business Solutions is the right choice.”

If you're looking for a career that offers the three P's of success - profitability, purpose, and passion - then Legacy Business Solutions is the right choice.

Matthew Ruhlman, CEO

The CEO also explained that new additions to Team Legacy Business Solutions receive an array of developmental opportunities. From travel incentives to regular in-house training sessions, team members sharpen their skills as they learn cutting-edge strategies for raising awareness. The firm’s account managers are empowered to leverage their unique abilities as they gain key industry knowledge.

Legacy Business Solutions’ CEO on Goal-Setting Strategies and 2019 Aspirations

There are a few key goal-setting techniques constantly in use around Legacy Business Solutions HQ. Clarifying the desired end results is at the top of the list for team members, because they know it’s essential to have a specific endpoint in mind if they expect to stay engaged in the goal-fulfillment process. The firm’s account managers have also learned that having clear goals makes it easier to measure progress and make the right adjustments to ensure success.

Writing down their objectives has also proven to be an effective strategy for members of Team Legacy Business Solutions. Matthew explained that seeing ambitious plans on paper has a way of making them more genuine and attainable. Once they have their goals in ink, team members can start putting together action plans in earnest.

In the coming year, Matthew and the rest of the Legacy Business Solutions leadership team hope to expand into several new markets. They also plan to promote several team members into management and continue building the firm’s reputation through travel and give back events. Anyone who comes on board during the early 2019 hiring push will need to be committed to growing along with an industry innovator.

Legacy Business Solutions:
Legacy Business Solutions was formed when a diligent group of marketing executives joined forces to produce outreach strategies that could generate leads more effectively than any other approach in the industry. With intense discipline and perseverance, they developed an unforgettable presence in the promotional sector. Thanks to this level of integrity, our business has experienced phenomenal success. To continue on this upward path, we’ve produced a training program that promotes innovation, accountability, and mutual support. As a result, everyone on our team is motivated to generate top-quality results for the services we represent. Our professionals are also rewarded with significant career advancement for their ongoing contributions.

Source: Legacy Business Solutions